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The Clecky Records Family of Reputable Recording Artists

The Mod-est Lads

The Mod-est Lads have been everybody’s favorite long-lost sixties sensations from Bladderpool since 2003. That’s when Clecky Records stunned the music world with the release of the phenomenally successful Trouser Load of Love, five forgotten tracks that had just been found in the home of their late producer and founder of Clecky Records, the legendary Roger “Clecky” Davis, who had been living in bitter seclusion since losing his hearing in a tragic fireworks accident in 1968.

At the time, those tracks were believed to be everything The Mod-est Lads had recorded before their mysterious disappearance in 1966. But now, Clecky Records is thrilled to announce that three more recordings by The Mod-est Lads have been found! Available only on this compilation, She Didn’t Say, Birthday Suit, and She’s Not Yours, She’s His are believed by many to have been recorded after the band vanished without a trace! Like everything else concerning The Mod-est Lads, the truth may never be known, but as long as their music survives it really doesn’t matter.

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Noodles Koziarski & His Very Polish Combo

They can play everything from Mozart to Eminem, but it’s their uniquely outrageous polka stylings that have made Noodles Koziarski & The Very Polish Combo famous as, “The greater Milwaukee area’s first choice in quality musical entertainment for nearly half a generation.” Their exuberant performances create a raucous party atmosphere that never fails to reach a frenzied climax, complete with plenty of zany, uninhibited audience participation, when they tear into their trademark polka medley .

In order to capture the quintessential flavor of the Noodles Koziarski live experience as accurately as possible, Clecky Records has been recording the band while it weaves its inimitable musical magic at wedding receptions and fraternal lodge dances all over Milwaukee. The best moments will appear in the near future on their first Clecky Records release, Polka Me Harder, including this rousing rendition of their signature song, You Can’t Hurt a Polack by Hittin’ Him on the Head.

Nick Safari & His Swingin’ Menagerie

After nearly three decades and two million miles, Nick Safari & His Swingin’ Menagerie have been on the road playing their blistering brand of bar room rock & roll so long that they can’t remember where they’re from. Although their grueling tour schedule hasn’t allowed them a day off since 1994, they’ve recently been able to spare the time to lay down a few tracks for their first Clecky Records release, Top ‘o the Food Chain, Ma! While it promises to be full of surprises, it also features the band’s most popular songs, including, Happy Cake Monkey Bread, their sizzling tribute to the nutritious snack food that has literally kept them alive through years of travel, excessive substance abuse, and night after gratifying night of wild, unprotected sex with their legions of adoring and always willing fans. So, cut yourself a thick slice of that good monkey bread and swing along!

Danger Can (危ない缶)

Danger Can has earned a fiercely devoted worldwide following thanks to the relentless, pulsing urgency of the music they created for some of Japan’s most popular animated TV shows. So, it was a tremendous shock when their brilliant career was tragically and unjustly ended late last year because of their involvement with a new show called, Jet Turbo - Super Best Hero after experimental animation in the show’s pilot caused a temporary condition called “Turbo Lock,” which incited teens in the test audiences to become uncontrollably rude and sarcastic.

To avoid a potential scandal, the production company immediately canceled the show and used its considerable influence to permanently bar everyone connected with it from ever again working in the Japanese entertainment industry. While major media companies in other countries shunned Danger Can for fear of losing sales in the Japanese market, Clecky Records put principle ahead of profits by signing them without hesitation. Currently, Japan’s “super best rockers” are working on their initial release, Here is Rock and Roll! No Problem!, which appropriately features Jet Turbo, the theme song for the greatest super hero to never appear on TV!

Jackpot Slocum & The Lonesome Poke Wranglers

If you like round-ups, yodeling, hearty chuck wagon grub, heart-stopping cattle stampedes, Redeye whiskey served in dirty glasses to rugged, two-fisted, iconoclastic anti-heroes who still believe in unambiguous frontier justice and the hallowed Code of the West, more yodeling, insolent sheep, and poignant ballads about preternaturally talented chickens, then the award winning Ted, by those colorful cowboy crooners, Jackpot Slocum & The Lonesome Poke Wranglers, is sure to bring a smile to your lips and a tear to your eye. Recorded live and uncut, despite a brief dust up between Jackpot and some uninvited guests, Ted will be featured on their upcoming Clecky Records release, Out Where the Dust is Most Dusty.

Narcoleptic “Sweet Potato” Johnson

Although he really suffers from an abnormally low metabolism, he goes by Narcoleptic because it “has more pizazz,” and will slyly tell you to “use your imagination,” if you want to know why he’s called “Sweet Potato.” And if he could just stay awake for more than twenty minutes at a time, it’s almost certain that Narcoleptic “Sweet Potato” Johnson would be the equivalent of Barry White, Tom Jones, and Luther Vandross all rolled into one seething dynamo of raw Alpha male magnetism and primal sexuality, softened by a romantic tenderness and an endearing trace of vulnerability.

Given his unfortunate condition, it’s unlikely that he will ever fully realize his awesome, almost unlimited potential. However, anyone who hears When My Baby Walks, is sure to find Johnson’s sleepy sexuality and the alluring embrace of his rich, fathomless voice impossible to resist. Recorded in just one take before he nodded off, it will be featured on his first Clecky Records release, Wake Me When We Get There, when he finally finishes it in another two or three years.