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Let's Get Clecky album cover
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Let's Get Clecky!

Clecky means eclectic! And Clecky Records has assembled the most eclectic assortment of artists ever to appear on one compilation! That’s why the most influential self-appointed arbiters of contemporary popular culture have already smugly endorsed Let’s Get Clecky! as, “a strikingly innovative concept that’s sure to enjoy lasting, widespread popularity across every important marketing demographic, making it a must-have for every serious music fan and an ideal gift for any occasion.”

Lavish praise indeed, but when you hear this collection of hits by the Clecky Family of Reputable Recording Artists, you will instantly understand why the hyperbole is much more than a lot of overblown exaggeration!

The Mod-est Lads

1. She Didn’t Say
2. Birthday Suit
3. She’s Not Yours, She’s His
Available only on this compilation!

Noodles Koziarski & The Very Polish Combo

4. You Can’t Hurt a Polack by Hittin’ Him on the Head (From Polka Me Harder)

Nick Safari & His Swingin’ Menagerie

5. Happy Cake Monkey Bread (From Top ‘o the Food Chain, Ma)

Danger Can (危ない缶)

6. Jet Turbo (From Here is Rock and Roll! No Problem!)

Jackpot Slocum & The Lonesome Poke Wranglers

7. Ted (From Out Where the Dust is Most Dusty)

Narcoleptic “Sweet Potato” Johnson

8. When My Baby Walks (From Wake Me When We Get There)

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Trouser Load of Love album cover
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Are you ready to DANCE, SWING & SHAKE your hips

If you said "YES" you're in luck! Because The Mod-est Lads have packed everything you want and much, much more into a great big bulging Trouser Load of Love they want to share with each and every one of you! That's right! Peter, Reggie, Stu, and Simon, the fun-loving blokes from Bladderpool, have hit the scene with a load of high-energy songs guaranteed to get you movin' and groovin' so hard you won't want to stop!

Along with their smash hit, They Stand Straight Up (When She Lays Down), The Mod-est Lads cut loose with four more rockin' numbers, including a wild "out take" that makes you feel like you're right there in the recording studio with the Lads! So don't wait another second! Get your Trouser Load of Love today!

1. Trouser Load Of Love
2. Sputnik Spy From Outer Space
3. They Stand Straight Up (When She Lays Down)
4. She Said Bi...
5. She Could Be In The Beatles